Well, so the zombie apocalypse is long over and there are still thousands of zombies left. So what do we do with them now? It's easy! Step in front of your Kinect and use your hands to cut, grab and shoot zombies into little pieces. Unlock funny zombie types like exploding zombies or time travelling zombies or Evil Zevel, a zombie equipped with a rocket pack flying across your TV. Slice coins to unlock new items, backgrounds and walking hands that come with powerful special abilities.

We think Slice Zombies for Kinect is the ultimate Kinect experience for your Xbox One.

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Available on Xbox One Developed by MADE

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Check out some of the nice things the press has to say about Slice Zombies:

"With overflowing personality, unique gameplay elements and a modest asking price, MADE has created a fun party game that offers a little bit more than their competitors for a little bit less. Sure, this game certainly isn’t the first to tap into the genre, but it has a ton of soul. Slice Zombies is pure fun and is a game worth of your attention this spring."

Bear Claw Gaming

"When I initially told my son about this game he told me he was a bit scared of zombies, but once I'd shown them to him he loved them, they are completely unthreatening. Little hands crawl across the screen too, which had my son howling with laughter as he chopped them up."

We Play Games

"I enjoyed the time I spent frantically slicing the many, many coins and zombies that appeared and played it until my arms almost detached themselves from my body. The variety of zombies and the many unlockables from the shop added to the longevity of the game and brought a lot of extra enjoyment."

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MADE is just a small team of two devs from Stuttgart/Germany, that's Erhan and Manny. We have spent the past 12 months working on Slice Zombies. And we have hand crafted every single part of the game by ourselves! That's every image, model, sound effect and even the music has been composed by us! Yup, that includes this website and the engine driving the game (which we call 'drahtkern' btw) has been written by us, too.

We've basically spent all of our time on Slice Zombies for Kinect and this project means a lot to us - and we really hope that you will have fun with our game.





Erhan spent most of his time with modelling zombies and 3D texture work. If he wasn't hanging out in Blender all day, he poured his sweat into gameplay implementations like the walking hands while Manny tried to get the engine working on Xbox One. Once that was done and the engine was up and running Manny spent his time on game/art design, coding and creating sounds for the game.

Q: When will the game be released & how much will it cost?
A: 8th May 2015 and it'll cost only $9.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency). If you want to stay up to date on the release, simply follow MADE on twitter!

Q: In what regions will it be available? Will it be available in my country?
A: Unfortunately we could only afford a ESRB and PEGI certification, so we can only release the game in countries where there is no additional requirement :( That basically means that it'll be available everywhere but a few countries.

Q: But aren't you guys Germans? Isn't there a USK certification required?
A: Yes and it won't be available in our country :'( But we have translated the game into German for those Germans that are lucky enough to obtain it through another market like Switzerland or Austria. And if a miracle happens and we sell enough copies to get the USK certification we will get it right away!!!

Q: So… Is this a mobile port? I see that you guys have released an android game with the same name!
A: No, it's not a mobile port! It's just that we really liked the name and we wanted to keep it. Besides the collision detection and a few sounds everything has been rewritten and redesigned. When we did the original game back in 2011 we were quite new to modelling, game-design and progression. In these four years we have learned a lot and all that comes to life in Slice Zombies for Kinect. Check out the original game for android from 2011, it sucks in comparison :D

Q: And are you going to port it for mobile?
A: To be completly honest with you: we hope we can only make PC and Xbox games in the future. So, no, there are no plans for it.

Q: I have more questions!!!
A: If you have any additional questions or if you just want to get in touch please contact Manny by mail: mn + at + made-apps.com.


We've setup a blog on tumblr about the game that we're trying to update regularly.
Feel free to check it out at http://madeapps.tumblr.com

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