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"With overflowing personality, unique gameplay elements and a modest asking price, MADE has created a fun party game that offers a little bit more than their competitors for a little bit less. Sure, this game certainly isn’t the first to tap into the genre, but it has a ton of soul. Slice Zombies is pure fun and is a game worth of your attention this spring."

Bear Claw Gaming

"When I initially told my son about this game he told me he was a bit scared of zombies, but once I'd shown them to him he loved them, they are completely unthreatening. Little hands crawl across the screen too, which had my son howling with laughter as he chopped them up."

We Play Games

"I enjoyed the time I spent frantically slicing the many, many coins and zombies that appeared and played it until my arms almost detached themselves from my body. The variety of zombies and the many unlockables from the shop added to the longevity of the game and brought a lot of extra enjoyment."

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"MADE achieved a perfectly entertaining Kinect game. If you like Fruit Ninja style gaming blended with zombie humor and positioned at 9.99€ - it's an easy choice. How can you not be tempted?"

XboxLive.fr (translated from French by Manny)

"It’s heading for a solid 7 out of 10 and definitely worth buying"


A Twich stream! Stallion83 playing Slice Zombies on Twitch. It's totally hilarious watching him have a go at it. Stallion83 is the Guinness World Record Holder for the highest Xbox LIVE Gamerscore. We're honored :)

Stallion83 x Twitch

A Video review! "Slice Zombies is a really fantastic game and I'm gonna recommend it to you guys. If you haven't picked it up yet, then I definitivly say 'go get it'." He gave us a 8/10!

Video Review by WebbiestImp327 x YouTube

Another Video review! And he opens up saying: "I'm gonna tell you why it's better than Fruit Ninja!"
If you start your video like that we ♥︎ you!

Video Review by Casual Chaotix x YouTube

Another hilarous Video review by FromTheHipMen! "It's quite addictive aswell, and it's a workout!" I had a good laugh. But seriously guys, stand up when playing Slice Zombies :)

Video Review by FromTheHipMen x YouTube

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